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21st Century Maritime Silk Road

Xinhua Silk Road( is the Belt and Road Portal of Xinhua News Agency.It's also an authoritative website of the China's silk road economic belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road.It provides the content on BRI Policy,BRI Trade,BRI Investment,Belt and Road weekly,Know Belt and Road,and the integrated information services for the Belt and Road Initiative.As a multi-language platform focusing on information related to the “Belt and Road” Initiative, Xinhua Silk Road serves global participants of the initiative with all-dimensional, full workflow information products and consulting services, in a bid to help Chinese companies “go out” and companies outside China “come in.” Its services cover information search engine, country-specific research, business project release and trade matching, as well as investment and international trade-related customized services covering such fields as finance, patent, accounting, tax affairs, law affairs, training and exhibition.


一个纯英文的网址目录,只做正规收录,感谢大家支持。SiteUrl.Org(Site Url Project) is a website where the users can freely share your website library, the Site classification are over thousands, It is the global website contains the most complete library of world-class web directory.

Eyelash vendors whoelsale

We are china fake eyelashes factory directly operated online mall, Wholesale eyelash vendors. Factory prices directly wholesale eyelash extensions, mink eyelashes, 3D lashes,human hair eyelashes and so on false eyelashes. Brands with EMEDA eyelash, obeya eyelash and meret top brand fake eyelashes.This is EMEDA hair & lashes online

Bedding sets

We are a family owned textile manufacturer, providing top quality bedding sets,comforters,comforter sets,quilts,quilt sets,table wears,curtains,microfiber fabric,cotton fabric,cushions and other related supplies for household use and hospitality industry

serviced apartments hong kong

Hanlun Habitats provides high-end serviced apartments hong kong for business travellers and executives based in Mid-Levels Hong Kong since 1995. Our Apartments: Orchid, Lily I, Lily II and Peach Blossom. Our Designer Suites: Sherwood, Floral and Ka Yee

Hotel Tent Camp

Tianjin Green Technology Co., Ltd is specializes in WALMAX wind/sand/snow/dust control environmental protection system and WALMAX outdoor camping system.


CloneLuxury-奢克隆 我们不是简单复制,而是追求基因级别的克隆!全球华人顶级奢侈品原单克隆商品服务。


比特币海外网- 最专业的海外比特币交易平台,安全购买比特币, 支持人民币充值, 法币交易, 币币交易, 银联充值. 中国最大的比特币(BTC), 比特币现金(BCH), 以太坊(ETH)交易平台,坚持为数字资产交易者提供快捷的比特币行情、比特币价格。


Eworldtrade公司——是在线国际电子商务门户网站,是国际厂商、供应商、出口商、批发商和零售商建立连接的外贸平台. ------------------------------------------------ Eworldtrade怎么样 无论你是电子商务交易的新人,还是经验丰富的在线销售专家,你应该都有耳闻,合适的平台和靠谱的客户对一单成功的生意有多重要。 想要保证业务成功,cn.eWorldTrade.com就是您的B2B会员理想选择。为什么偏偏是我们这个平台? 不妨往下看,加入eWorldTrade您将拥有下列优势。
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